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News: Congratulations to Nick Zwaagstra for being awarded as an 
Honorary Life Member!
 Award presented at the CATA-ACAT AGM on October 17, 2015 in Halifax, NS.

Upcoming events

    • 2016-05-07
    • 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Prairie Institute of Expressive Arts Therapy, 1528 12th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta

    Prairie Chapter – CATA is pleased to provide a spring workshop for all interested in arts therapies.  Please join us for this collaboration of interventions.  Come for new ideas, comradery and networking in our arts community.  Materials, digital projector and laptop are provided.   Address cheques to Prairie Chapter – CATA, and send your registration to 316 Avonburn Rd SE, Calgary, T2H 1N8. 

    Presenters currently registered:

    Carmen Richardson: Based on her book, Expressive Arts Therapy for Traumatized Children and Adolescents, Carmen will speak about working with expressive arts from a resource-oriented lens.  She will highlight 5 foundational resources related to her work with children & teens.  

    Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers:  Needle in the Haystack: Art therapy needs to address awareness of the use of and shifting of defence mechanisms. Defence mechanisms can serve or harm the client and his/her unfolding process in art therapy and in the world.  Emotional regulation is part of defence mechanism shifting.  A defence mechanism is a coping technique that reduces anxiety arising from unacceptable or potentially harmful stimuli. Defence mechanisms are unconscious and are not to be confused with conscious coping strategies. How does art therapy probe, and utilize, shift defences, and move beyond unconscious programming? 

    Theresa Zip:  Theresa will present on the recent process for Government of Alberta procurement of services that is opening up.  It seems there could be some very interesting potential opportunities for art therapists, and it hasn't been too publicized, or too easy to navigate.

    Marilyn Magnuson:  Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy – focusing is used to explore the impact of stress on the body and to reduce the somatic responses.  

    Olga Perju: The community art studio in Montreal

    We invite other therapists to present on their favorite or interesting interventions at this workshop.     

    For inquiries please contact:

    Jo Ann   (780-908-0443)


    Marilyn Magnuson   (403-836-6024)

    • 2016-10-14
    • 2016-10-16
    • Toronto, Ontario

    Call for Papers Due May 1, 2016

    Registration Not Yet Open

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